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she was a sponosor of Christopeher Columbus voyage to the new world from 1451-1504 and used her power co-leader for religious persecution in Spain she decreed all citizen Jewish must convert to Catholicism or die.

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The pass is what create the future remember the pass is the key to a bright future.

nowadays we creating our on jobs , become a freelance and put money directly into your pockets from consumers and businesses .

If you are sad or feeling low ,just count ta 10 and look up, never down !,when tha tears drop, after running down ya face, just know we all in this struggle togather so stay strong ta tha bonez ,and love yaslef whit all u got cuz you are amazing and know one can be u .searching for love don’t make u happy ,loving yaself do!

peace-n-blessing to all…..


Published by pophudson

when I was a younger man its seems to feel like no one cares about me so I stop caring for myself and felt if my world was over until I discovered a 2nd chance to think positive and learn more about myself and how to love myself ,that others started to love me and my love for the culture is to educate the yougthz of the world.....

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