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The Great Debate

COVID-19 is called coronavirus

infectious disease caused by parainfluenza

virus that caused kennel cough an upper respiratory

disease adenovirus type1 also called canine hepatitis

a viral upper respiratory infection


if I had your hand then I could

I could touch the world

and stick my finger in the ground and make the world turn around.


Do u feel that the shot is safe for our systems ? and if so why you feel that we must have it to be safe? no answers are wrong this is just a debate so feel free to comment .


Published by pophudson

when I was a younger man its seems to feel like no one cares about me so I stop caring for myself and felt if my world was over until I discovered a 2nd chance to think positive and learn more about myself and how to love myself ,that others started to love me and my love for the culture is to educate the yougthz of the world.....

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