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War in the city

Racism is a generational organization of white terror, known for incarceration violence murder and taking American freedom, justice and Liberty.  Integration traps prisoners of war, oppressed in a white society, where American’s murdered for votes, of equal rights. America’s Holocaust continues” today. The way back from the 1800s mention in the North and in theContinue reading “War in the city”

1866,Meeting between the president and a delegation of black leaders.

Journeying to the White House to ask Johnson’s views on civil rights and Negro’s enfranchisement were several Negro’s spokesmen, including Frederick Douglass, George T. Downing and John Jones. Johnson’s made it clear that he opposed any federal law to protect freedmen. Douglass warned the president : “you enfranchise your enemies and disenfranchise your friends.” OnContinue reading “1866,Meeting between the president and a delegation of black leaders.”


I’m lost; beat at the end of hope, why life so hard on me! do I escape to be free, I lost my family and my dogs I don’t know were to start ,I’m broke; no home ,no car,no hope. Were do I began’ when my life is at the end. unluck