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My favorite pancake restaurant

My number one pancakes. Excuse me, I love MAPLE SYRUP and Pancakes w a way to get as much maple syrup on my plate, my hands, and my face it would be sticky sweat and yummy .

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War in the city

Racism is a generational organization of white terror, known for incarceration violence murder and taking American freedom, justice and Liberty.  Integration traps prisoners of war, oppressed in a white society, where American’s murdered for votes, of equal rights. America’s Holocaust continues” today. The way back from the 1800s mention in the North and in the…

Rest n power Aunt shara

This one truly hurts my heart and it’s bad that I want to blame others tears ,won’t bring you back for now but I know deep down inside you’re always gone be within me ,u will always be a part of my memory just as the stars are in the sky, no more pain ,but…


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